Clear all stages on NORMAL from Area 16 to 18

Tue 08/16/2016 11:30 pm PDT ~ Tue 12/31/2030 03:59 pm PST

Are you progressing through the Quest Area, hmm? Collect Dragon Stones, Quest rewards and, of course, the Dragon Balls themselves as you progress through the story! Try clearing all stages on NORMAL from Area 16 to 18.

[quest] Reunited
Reunion with Krillin16-1Normal
Saiyan Trio16-2Normal
Saiyan Tag Team Returns!16-3Normal
Turles the New Saiyan16-4Normal
Ginyu's Trespass!16-5Normal
Reunion with Goku?16-6Normal
Showdown! New Ginyu Force?!16-7Normal
Ending of the Body Exchange16-8Normal
[quest] Frieza's Menace!
Frieza's Army Attacks!17-1Normal
Breaking the Siege17-2Normal
Zarbon's Transformation17-3Normal
The Elite Force's True Power17-4Normal
Imperial Power17-5Normal
Deepening Destiny17-6Normal
Frieza's Transformation17-7Normal
Frieza's Second Transformation17-8Normal
[quest] The Epic Attack and Defense
Coora's Armored Squad18-1Normal
Commander's Will18-2Normal
Sovereign of the Warrior Race18-3Normal
Frieza's Final Transformation18-4Normal
A Surprising End18-5Normal
Master of the Demon Realm, Part 118-6Normal
Master of the Demon Realm, Part 218-7Normal
Master of the Demon Realm, Part 318-8Normal