Clear all stages on HARD from Area 16 to 18

Tue 08/16/2016 11:30 pm PDT ~ Tue 12/31/2030 03:59 pm PST

On HARD, enemies are stronger and there are more of them, too. Let your guard down and you'll take a beating! See if you can clear Area 16 to 18 on HARD.

[quest] Reunited
Reunion with Krillin16-1Hard
Saiyan Trio16-2Hard
Saiyan Tag Team Returns!16-3Hard
Turles the New Saiyan16-4Hard
Ginyu's Trespass!16-5Hard
Reunion with Goku?16-6Hard
Showdown! New Ginyu Force?!16-7Hard
Ending of the Body Exchange16-8Hard
[quest] Frieza's Menace!
Frieza's Army Attacks!17-1Hard
Breaking the Siege17-2Hard
Zarbon's Transformation17-3Hard
The Elite Force's True Power17-4Hard
Imperial Power17-5Hard
Deepening Destiny17-6Hard
Frieza's Transformation17-7Hard
Frieza's Second Transformation17-8Hard
[quest] The Epic Attack and Defense
Coora's Armored Squad18-1Hard
Commander's Will18-2Hard
Sovereign of the Warrior Race18-3Hard
Frieza's Final Transformation18-4Hard
A Surprising End18-5Hard
Master of the Demon Realm, Part 118-6Hard
Master of the Demon Realm, Part 218-7Hard
Master of the Demon Realm, Part 318-8Hard