Clear Areas 10 to 15 on Z-HARD 5 times.

Wed 10/14/2015 01:00 am PDT ~ Tue 12/31/2030 03:59 pm PST

See if you can clear Areas 10 to 15 on Z-HARD 5 times. You'll receive an Awakening Medal for Android #13 as proof of your valor.

[quest] Red Ribbon Machinations
To the Lab10-1Z-Hard
Red Ribbon's Return 110-2Z-Hard
Red Ribbon's Return 210-3Z-Hard
Red Ribbon's Return 310-4Z-Hard
Dr. Gero's Ambition10-5Z-Hard
Ace in the Hole10-6Z-Hard
Unexpected Savior10-7Z-Hard
Conflicting Motives10-8Z-Hard
[quest] Unknown Saiyans
Find Goku! Part 511-1Z-Hard
Find Goku! Part 611-2Z-Hard
The Wayward Champion11-3Z-Hard
The Wayward Invader11-4Z-Hard
Battle-Smart Brawler 111-5Z-Hard
Battle-Smart Brawler 211-6Z-Hard
Battle-Smart Brawler 311-7Z-Hard
Best Team There Is11-8Z-Hard
[quest] Terror Returns
Return of the Elites!12-1Z-Hard
Battle-Smart Brawler 412-2Z-Hard
Battle-Smart Brawler 512-3Z-Hard
Telekinetic Rampage12-4Z-Hard
Exquisite Team-Up12-5Z-Hard
Explosive Power12-6Z-Hard
Intellect and Speed12-7Z-Hard
Enter the Savior?!12-8Z-Hard
[quest] When Warriors Collide
A Peculiar Goku13-1Z-Hard
Uninvited Enemies13-2Z-Hard
Unwanted Battle13-3Z-Hard
Ginyu's Big Mistake13-4Z-Hard
Dr. Gero's Counterattack13-5Z-Hard
Plundered Energy13-6Z-Hard
Bloodcurdling Message13-7Z-Hard
Missing Target13-8Z-Hard
[quest] The Ultimate Android
In Pursuit of Dr. Gero!14-1Z-Hard
Destiny Repeated14-2Z-Hard
Ultimate Weapon Unleashed14-3Z-Hard
Intense Onslaught14-4Z-Hard
Martial Warrior's Offense14-5Z-Hard
Aggressive Circuitry14-6Z-Hard
All Guns Blazing14-7Z-Hard
Nightmarish Android14-8Z-Hard
[quest] Distorted Destiny
Extraordinary Evil15-1Z-Hard
Lost Warrior15-2Z-Hard
The Challengers15-3Z-Hard