Clear "A Lone Warrior" 10 times under special cond.

Wed 04/24/2019 11:30 pm PDT ~ Mon 06/03/2019 10:59 pm PDT

Clear any stage of the event "A Lone Warrior's Last Battle" with at least 1 "Giant Form" Category character on your team 10 times! Note: Friends do not count as team members.

[event] A Lone Warrior's Last Battle
Saiyans from Planet Vegeta347-1Normal
Saiyans from Planet Vegeta347-1Z-Hard
The Phantom Fist347-2Normal
The Phantom Fist347-2Z-Hard
Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyans347-3Normal
Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyans347-3Z-Hard
Frieza's Betrayal347-4Normal
Frieza's Betrayal347-4Z-Hard
Prelude to Doom347-5Normal
Prelude to Doom347-5Z-Hard
Futile Struggle347-6Normal
Futile Struggle347-6Z-Hard
A Lone Warrior's Last Battle347-7Normal
A Lone Warrior's Last Battle347-7Z-Hard
Mystery Planet347-8Normal
Mystery Planet347-8Z-Hard
Dastardly Space Pirate347-9Normal
Dastardly Space Pirate347-9Z-Hard
Furious Transformation!347-10Normal
Furious Transformation!347-10Z-Hard
Required Category