The Winding Snaky Way BEGINS!

Great opportunity to earn MASSIVE character EXP! Chance to get Awakening Medals Old Kai & Supreme Kai on Z-Hard! View Event
Fri 09/02/2016 11:30 pm PDT
"The Winding Snaky Way to King Kai" is available now! Great chance to earn massive character EXP! Also you now have a chance to get the U.Rare Awakening Medals Old Kai & Supreme Kai on Z-Hard! Don't miss out on any golden purple capsules on the map! The further you advance along the snaky way, the stronger your opponents are, but you also get more EXP from defeating them! Don't forget to bring Support Items with you! There is a chance to encounter a mysterious opponent if you can ride on the hidden Flying Nimbus. Defeat him and your team will be rewarded with great amount of EXP!
The enemies' strength does not increase on Hard & Z-Hard. On higher difficulties, you'll be able to advance further along the Snake Way and earn more EXP by defeating more opponents! You do not lose the EXP you earned in battles even if you fail to finish the stage. Take this great chance to train your team on Z-HARD!


High character EXP, Training Items and Awakening Medals. * Drop rates and items will differ accordingly to difficulty level.

Other Information

Clear all difficulty levels and get 1 Dragon Stone as reward.

Event Period

9/2 (Fri) 22:30 ~ 9/4 (Sun) 21:59 PST * Caution: Event Times in Dokkan Battle are listed as Pacific Standard Time (PST) and not Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!