About "Supreme Kai's Trial"

What is "Supreme Kai's Trial"?
Fri 09/15/2017 12:45 am PDT
What is "Supreme Kai's Trial"?
You can take on high difficulty Trials in each stage. Complete these Trials to get Special Treasures as rewards.


Step 1: Check Available Trials!
Check the information of Trials and rewards of each stage.
Step 2: Take on a Trial!
Click on the "Go to Stage" button to go to the corresponding stage.
Step 3: Choose Difficulty!
The difficulties where you can take on "Supreme Kai's Trial" will be marked with a scroll.
Step 4: Confirm Trial Result!
The completed Trials will be marked with a "Success" stamp. You will get the rewards upon completing the Trial.
You can exchange the rewards acquired from the Trials for items at Baba's Shop.
* New Trials will be added in the future.