Update 2.6.2 Released!

Update 2.6.2 is here! A variety of new features have arrived!
Mon 03/07/2016 07:35 pm PST
Dear Z Fighters, Update 2.6.2 has been completed after today'smaintenance! The update details are as follows: (1) Korean is now supported!- Please navigate to the following path to switchthe in-game language to Korean:"Menu --> Language Setting" * Please restart the application for the switch to take effect. (2) Added "Dokkan Awakening" page. (3) Some in-stage animations have been accelerated. (4) Added a filter on the Character List page. (5) Added "Colorblind Support" option.- Please navigate to the following path to activateColorblind Support:"Menu --> Options" (6) Team formation can be changed before you entera stage now. (7) Some in-game translations have been revised. We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball ZDokkan Battle!