Update 2.8.2 Released!

Update 2.8.2 is here! A variety of new features have arrived!
Mon 06/06/2016 08:05 pm PDT
Dear players, Update 2.8.2 has been completed after today's maintenance! The update details are as follows: (1) Added voice language switching function - You can now switch the in-game voice between English and Japanese by navigating to the following path: "Menu --> Language and Voice Settings --> English / Japanese" (2) You can now switch between Quest and Event from the Home screen. (3) You can now exceed your STA limit when using Dragon Stones to recover your STA. (4) Updated the Title screen image. (5) Improved Ki Sphere linking routes in battles. (6) You can now tap on enemy icons on the bottom of the screen for targeting in battles. (7) You can now choose to skip stories on the "Select Difficulty" screen. *Some stories cannot be skipped. (8) From the Shenron screen, you can now move directly to stages where you have not yet collected Dragon Balls. (9) Updated the maintenance screen. (10) Fixed some bugs. We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!