Quests of "Chapter 3 - Part 2" Open!

Mighty enemies will be assaulting continuously! Stop the Majin's resurrection!
Thu 12/01/2016 12:00 am PST
New Quests unlocked! The dimensional distortion is getting worse! How will the war be like? 3 new Areas from Part 2 of Chapter 3 are available now! - Stop It! Majin's Revival! - Plot of Darkness - Omen of Brutal Brawl


The battles came to an end after the fighters defeated Frieza's army. However, the fighters soon found that something evil was brewing. The terrifying monster, Majin Buu...! The alien wizard Babidi, who had committed himself to the resurrection of the Majin, was also there! The most brutal Majin who overawes all gods will make the distortion of the dimension even more drastic! Meet new characters! The war is still going on!

Meet Launch

There is a rare chance to meet Launch in the stages from Part 2 of Chapter 3! Defeat Launch to acquire great amounts of Treasures! Bring out all your strength to take Launch down when you meet her! = Exchange Treasures at Baba's Shop =
Battles are getting more aggressive and thrilling! Don't miss out on the exciting and action-packed story of Part 2 of Chapter 3! We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!