Facebook Linking is in place!

Facebook Linking Back-up function is in place! Complete the Facebook Linking mission to get Dragon Stones!
Tue 12/13/2016 10:30 pm PST
Link your account to Facebook and you'll get 5 Dragon Stones!
Back up your game data easily with your Facebook account!   It will also be more convenient to transfer your game account between devices if it is linked to your Facebook account.   Please follow the steps below to link your game account to Facebook.   1. Please tap "Menu".
2. Please tap "Device Transfer / Back Up".
3. Please tap "Facebook Linking Back-up".
4. Please log in to Facebook.
5. After you successfully log in to Facebook, the Facebook account linked to your game account will be shown on the screen.
6. Please confirm to complete Facebook Linking.
* Upon completion of Facebook Linking, please go to "Mission" --> "Korin Missions" to claim 5 Dragon Stones as reward.
* If the Facebook account to which the game data is linked is deleted, you will not be able to retrieve the backed up game data from the Facebook account. Please be sure to remove the Facebook linking before deleting the Facebook account to which the game data is linked. In addition, please restore your user ID and transfer code.
* Some OS types do not support Facebook Linking. Therefore, the "Facebook Linking Back-up" function will not be shown on those devices.   * Dragon Stones cannot be transferred between devices of different OS types.   * For more details on device transfer, please go to "Menu" --> "Device Transfer / Back Up" --> "How to Transfer".   We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!