Rank-up Missions Added!

Rank-up Missions are now available! Earn up to 137 Dragon Stones upon completion of all missions!
Wed 03/15/2017 05:00 am PDT
- Rank-up Missions
When you raise your Rank to certain levels, you will be given Dragon Stones as reward!
A total of 137 Dragon Stones are up for grabs! Level up your Rank to get all the Dragon Stones!
Besides, there is no time limit on these missions!
You can complete them at your own pace and then claim the awesome rewards!
Heading up to the higher level step by step!
- Mission Details
* Players who have reached Rank 200 can directly go to "Korin Missions" of the Mission page to claim the rewards.

Event Period

There is no time limit on these missions.
Please note that the event content and date are subject to change without prior warning!
We hope you continue to enjoy play Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!