Upcoming New Feature! (Part 1)

Strengthen your characters at will! A whole new feature is coming soon!
Tue 03/21/2017 11:30 pm PDT
Activate the Hidden Potential!
A whole new feature is coming soon!
Through the Hidden Potential Activation system, you can power up characters beyond the max level!
Make your characters stronger according to your preferences with the new Potential Items, "Potential Orbs"!
* The picture above is taken from the new feature page.
1. Power up with Potential Orbs!
Use Potential Orbs to activate different types of nodes which can either grant enhancements of HP, ATK or DEF to characters, or equip them with "Hidden Potential Skills" that function as Passive Skills!
Strengthen your favorite characters now!
2. Unlock routes with identical characters!
You can unlock a roadblock with one identical character to access an extra route to learn more Hidden Potential Skills!
* The picture above is taken from the new feature page.
3. Raise a character's Super Attack to certain levels to unlock specific routes!
In most cases, Potential Orbs are all you need to activate Hidden Potential of a character. However, there exist some routes which cannot be unlocked until that character's Super Attack reaches certain levels.
* You need to fulfill certain requirements to utilize the "Hidden Potential Activation" system.
* Please note that the new feature and its release date are subject to change without prior warning.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!