Upcoming New Feature! (Part 2)

A whole new feature is coming soon! Let's have a glimpse at how the "Reverse" system works!
Thu 03/23/2017 11:30 am PDT
Activate the Hidden Potential!
"Hidden Potential Activation" and "Reverse" are coming soon!
Through the Hidden Potential Activation system, you can power up characters beyond the max level!
On the other hand, the Reverse system allows you to revert some characters to the pre-Dokkan Awakened state!
- Level up your Player Rank!
To take advantage of these new features, the following requirements need to be fulfilled first.
1. Player Rank at Lv. 50 or above.
2. Clearing Stage 2 "Super Saiyan Goku" of the Event "An Epic Showdown" on Z-HARD.
* Currently, the "Hidden Potential Activation" and "Reverse" features are not available yet even if the requirements above are fulfilled.
- Ready your characters!
Only characters of UR or higher rarity can use the "Hidden Potential Activation" system.
And, characters that have transcended the UR limit and reached the max level of 120 can use the "Reverse" system.
- Unlock a "Hidden Potential Route" with an identical character!
Use Potential Orbs to strengthen your character's ability until you encounter a roadblock.
When stuck on a roadblock at a node, you can consume an identical character to unlock it and access the extra route for further development.
- Revert a character with the "Reverse" system!
With the exclusive items, you will be able to return characters to the pre-Dokkan Awakened state!
"Reverse" those Dokkan Awakened characters to unlock additional Hidden Potential Routes!
Characters who have been Reversed can still return to their Dokkan Awakened state through "Reverse Dokkan Awakening"!
Their level, stats, and Super Attack level will be restored to the original state!
On top of that, "Reverse Dokkan Awakening" does not require any Zeni and Awakening Medals!
*The pictures above are taken from the new feature page.
* Please note that the new features and their release dates are subject to change without prior warning.
* Currently, the "Hidden Potential Activation" and "Reverse" features are not available yet. We are sorry for any confusion it may cause.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!