All New Item Packs Now Available!

"Hidden Potential Activation Pack", "Power-Up Pack" and "Mysterious Pack" are now up for sale!
Thu 08/24/2017 05:00 pm PDT
Grab the chance to reinforce your characters at one sitting!
3 new item packs are now available at Pilaf's Trove!
"Hidden Potential Activation Pack" is available in 5 different Types, each of which contains a great number of Potential Orbs of a specific Type, rare Training Locations and Friend Points!
Activate the Hidden Potential of your characters to fully unleash their power!
"Power-Up Pack" contains various rare Awakening Medals and premium Training Items such as Z-Swords and Platinum Turtle Shells!
Ready your character for Dokkan Awakening at once!
"Mysterious Pack" contains "Incredible Gems" and rare Awakening Medals "Supreme Kai" and "Elder Kai"!
On top of that, one Hercule Statue (Diamond) worth tons of Zeni and "Hercule's Fortune Summon Tickets" that can be used in "Hercule's Fortune Summon" are also included in the pack.
Now's the time to Awaken your characters for greater power!
* Please note that "Hidden Potential Activation Pack" can only be purchased once per week while "Power-Up Pack" and "Mysterious Pack" can be purchased three times per week. The purchase limit will reset every Thursday at 16:00 PST.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!