Upcoming New Dokkan Event!

The gates of hell are now open! Douse the ambitions of the Ultimate Android!
Tue 09/12/2017 11:30 pm PDT
The two from the Netherworld and reality have fused as one!
Defeat the Ultimate Android!
A new Dokkan Event is coming soon!

Event Information

* "Android #18 (Future)" and "Androids #17 & #18" can nullify the damage reduction skill.
This event is available on "Z-HARD" and "SUPER 2" difficulties!
The "Super #17" in this Dokkan Event will change his fighting strategy depending on the battle situation!
When his barrier is activated, the damage dealt on him will be greatly reduced.
However, the gauge of the barrier will decline when "Super #17" is hit by Ki blast Super Attacks!
When the gauge of the barrier is down to zero, "Super #17" will deactivate the Barrier and switch to energy-absorbing state!
"Super #17" will reactivates his barrier when energy-absorbing state is over!
Launch Ki blast Super Attacks when the barrier is activated!
Use other Super Attacks other than Ki blast ones when he switches to the energy-absorbing state!
Skillfully switch the attack order of your characters to achieve victory over "Super #17"!

Boss Type Information

- Phase 1 Extreme AGL Type Extreme TEQ Type Extreme INT Type Extreme PHY Type
- Phase 2 Extreme AGL Type Extreme INT Type
- Phase 3 Extreme AGL Type * "Z-HARD" difficulty will conclude at Phase 3.

Event Period

Coming soon!
* Please note that the event content and dates are subject to change without prior warning.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!