Chapter 4 - Part 2 Coming Soon!

New enemies have shown up! Battles are now in the white-hot stage! Crush the relentless enemies' ambitions with your comrades!
Tue 11/28/2017 10:30 pm PST
Quests of "Chapter 4 - Part 2" will be available soon!
The distorted dimension will bring forth more clashes!


After encountering with the long-missing Android #16, the warriors were led by Android #16 to Dr. Gero's laboratory.
With Dr. Gero and formidable enemies standing in their way, a genius scientist was also beholding everything behind the shadows...!
Malicious warriors were brought together by wicked ambitions. How might the battles against these evil-doers turn out...!?
Don't miss out on the new quests of Chapter 4 - Part 2!

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