New Year Special Missions Part 2!

Happy New Year 2018! "New Year Special Missions Part 2" are here! Complete the missions to get Dragon Stones and various rare items!
Wed 01/17/2018 04:00 pm PST
Happy New Year 2018!
"New Year Special Missions Part 2" are available!
Complete the missions to get up to 14 Dragon Stones!
In addition to Dragon Stones, you can get Senzu Beans and Z-Swords upon the completion of certain missions!
Grab the chance to take on the New Year Special Missions!
Tons of rare items await you!

Special Mission Details

* For the mission "[Daily] Consume at least 18 STA!", STA consumed in the World Tournament will not be counted.
* Please go to the "Special Mission" page for more reward information.
* Please claim the rewards by 1/31 (Wed) 15:59 PST.
* The system time is in accordance with Greenwich Mean Time.

Event Period

1/17 (Wed) 16:00 ~ 1/31 (Wed) 15:59 PST
* Caution: Event Times in Dokkan Battle are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST) instead of Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
* Please note that the event content and dates are subject to change without prior warning!
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!