"Rank Growth Packs" up for sale!

"Rank Growth Packs" up for sale! Come check out Pilaf's Trove!
Wed 08/15/2018 11:30 pm PDT
"Rank Growth Packs" are added to Pilaf's Trove!
Slide to the "RANK" screen to check out all the "Rank Growth Packs"!
New Growth Packs will be unlocked as you raise your rank!
Tap "Details" to view the contents of packs that haven't been unlocked yet!
Tap the locked packs to view the unlocking requirements.
You can still purchase "Rank Growth Packs" you have unlocked before when unlocking a new "Rank Growth Pack"!
Use "Rank Growth Packs" to strengthen your team quickly!
* Please note that prices and currencies may differ depending on the region settings of your account.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!