Update 3.13.1 Released!

Regarding the release of Update 3.13.1
Thu 08/23/2018 12:30 am PDT
Dear Players,
Update 3.13.1 has been released!
The update details are as follows:
1) Renewal of Summon Animation.
2) Applied mass-quantity selling & exchanging function. - Sell or exchange up to 99 characters in one go. - You can exchange all the "Training Item", "Support Item", and "Awakening Medal" you currently possess in one go.
3) Added Filter on the "Select Friend" page. - Filter function that allows you to filter out characters by settings has been added to the "Select Friend" page.
4) Increased the maximum number of Friends. - Adjusted the Friends List limit from 70 to 100.
5) Applied "Friend Supporter" function. - With this function, you can choose the character that will appear on other players' "Select Friend" page on the "Team List" page or the "Select Team" page before you enter battles.
* The Leader of the latest team that entered a stage will not appear on other players' "Select Friend" page.
6) Modified scroll location settings on certain pages. For certain pages, you can now resume from where you were when returning to those pages.
7) Modified the function to remove selected characters on certain pages. When you are arranging your team members on the "Team" page (accessible by tapping "Change All" button) or choosing Training Partners on the "Select Training Partners" page, you can now remove a character by tapping the character icon at the bottom of the page.
8) Fixed some bugs.
9) Adjusted User Interface.
Please update the game through the App Store or Google Play.
* It is highly recommended to issue a Transfer Code or proceed with Facebook linking before updating.
* After the release of Update 3.13.1, you will not be able to log in to the game if it is not updated.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!