Universe's Strongest?! Challenge the "Great Pontas"!

Challenge the event to recruit Beerus (Monaka Costume)! Use Treasure Item "Cosmically Acclaimed Sweets" obtained from the stage to exchange for awesome rewards!View Event
Wed 05/12/2021 11:30 pm PDT

Event Period

5/12 (Wed) 22:30 ~ 5/25 (Tue) 21:59 PST
* Caution: Event Times in Dokkan Battle are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST) instead of Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).


During the tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7, Monaka defeated Universe 6's strongest assassin Hit and became the key to Universe 7's victory.
Unable to get the thought of fighting the universe's strongest out of his mind, Goku finally met Monaka at the victory celebration held by Bulma.
Will Goku manage to challenge the "universe's strongest"?

Event Details

Event Hints

- Build your team with characters from the "Representatives of Universe 7" Category!
The more characters from the "Representatives of Universe 7" Category on your team, the higher your chance of getting bonus rewards in this event!
Also, the higher the Rarity of characters from the "Representatives of Universe 7" Category, the higher the chance for you to get bonus rewards.
[Desperate God of Destruction] Beerus (Monaka Costume) obtainable from this event belongs to the "Representatives of Universe 7" Category!
Add "Representatives of Universe 7" Category characters to your team to boost the chance of obtaining bonus rewards!
* Raising characters Rarity by Z-Awakening will not increase the chance of obtaining bonus rewards.

Event Reward

Clear Stage 3 for a chance to recruit [Desperate God of Destruction] Beerus (Monaka Costume)!

Dokkan Awakening

[Desperate God of Destruction] Beerus (Monaka Costume) obtained from this event can be Dokkan Awakened!
* "Beerus", the required Awakening Medal to Dokkan Awaken [Desperate God of Destruction] Beerus (Monaka Costume), can be exchanged with the Treasure Item "Cosmically Acclaimed Sweets" at Baba's Shop.

Treasure Item

You can get the Treasure Item "Cosmically Acclaimed Sweets" from Stage 2 of this event!
Collect "Cosmically Acclaimed Sweets" and exchange them for awesome items at Baba's Shop!
* Items that can be exchanged with "Cosmically Acclaimed Sweets" at Baba's Shop will be available until 6/1 (Tue) 21:59 PST. * The Treasure Items you possess will be saved for use next time when this event reopens.

Support Item

The Support Item "Monaka Costume" is available in this event!
Get "Monaka Costume" by defeating Vegeta and Piccolo in Stage 3!
You can also exchange "Cosmically Acclaimed Sweets" for it at Baba's Shop!

Other Rewards

One Dragon Stone will be rewarded for clearing each stage from Stage 1 to Stage 3 on NORMAL or Z-HARD.
(6 Dragon Stones are available in total.)
* Obtaining Dragon Stones as a clear reward can only be done once.
On top of that, there are "Special Missions" available in this event!
Complete the missions to get awesome rewards!
* Please go to the "Special Mission" page for more information about the rewards.
* "Special Missions" will not be displayed if they have been completed in the past.
* Some Special Missions cannot be completed when challenging through the "Portal of Memories".
* Please note that the event content and dates are subject to change without prior warning.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!