"Dokkan Thank-You Pack" up for sale!

"Dokkan Thank-You Packs" are now up for sale! Obtain "Thank-You Dokkan Fest Tickets" by purchasing the packs!
Tue 11/27/2018 09:35 pm PST
Step-up "Dokkan Thank-You Packs" are now up for sale!
Each "Dokkan Thank-You Pack" contains "Thank-You Dokkan Fest Ticket" and lots of Training Items!
There are 4 "Dokkan Thank-You Packs" in total.
The contents of the pack will become more luxurious as you further unlock the packs!
Recruit powerful characters by purchasing the "Dokkan Thank-You Packs"!
= About "Thank-You Dokkan Fest Ticket" =
The featured item of "Dokkan Thank-You Pack" is "Thank-You Dokkan Fest Ticket"!
Collect 10 "Thank-You Dokkan Fest Tickets" to perform a Multi-Summon in the "Thank-You Dokkan Festival Ticket Summon"!
One featured SSR character is guaranteed per Multi-Summon performed in the "Thank-You Dokkan Festival Ticket Summon"!

Important Notes

* Please note that each player can only purchase each "Dokkan Thank-You Pack" once.
* If you purchase all 4 "Dokkan Thank-You Packs", you'll get 20 "Thank-You Dokkan Fest Tickets", which will allow you to perform 2 Multi-Summons in the "Thank-You Dokkan Festival Ticket Summon".
* You may not be able to perform a Multi-Summon with "Thank-You Dokkan Fest Tickets" after using them to perform Single-Summons.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!