Curse of the Blood Rubies!

Increase your chance of obtaining bonus rewards with "Dragon Ball Seekers" Category characters! Collect "Blood Ruby" and exchange them for awesome rewards at Baba's Shop!View Event
Sun 10/13/2019 11:30 pm PDT
"Curse of the Blood Rubies", the first event of the three upcoming DB Saga events, is now on!

Event Period

10/13 (Sun) 22:30 ~ 10/30 (Wed) 21:59 PST
* Caution: Event Times in Dokkan Battle are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST) instead of Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).


Should anyone obtain all 7 Dragon Balls, one will be granted any wish they desire...
One day, Goku ran into the young girl Bulma who was out searching for the Dragon Balls, and thus their journey began.
However, they will soon find themselves being awaited by the unscrupulous Gurumes, who will stop at nothing to gain what he desires...

Stage Details

Event Reward

There is a chance to recruit [The Adventure Begins] Goku (Youth) in Stage 1!
[The Adventure Begins] Goku (Youth) can be Dokkan Awakened with Awakening Medals obtained from Stage 6!
[To a World of Excitement] Goku (Youth) can be Dokkan Awakened into an LR through the second DB Saga event "Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle" and the third DB Saga Event "Mystical Adventure"!
Perform the first Dokkan Awakening through this event!

Treasure Item

In Stage 5, you can get the Treasure Item "Blood Ruby" on the map or by defeating the boss!
Collect "Blood Ruby" and exchange them for awesome rewards such as [Gurumes Warrioress] Pasta and [Mysterious Ritual] Elder Kai at Baba's Shop!
Collect Treasure Items and exchange them for awesome rewards!
* Items that can be exchanged with "Blood Ruby" at Baba's Shop will be available until 11/6 (Wed) 21:59 PST.
* The Treasure Items you possess will be saved for use next time when this event reopens.

Event Tips

- Build your team with characters from the "Dragon Ball Seekers" Category!
The more characters from the "Dragon Ball Seekers" Category on your team, the higher your chance of getting bonus rewards in this event!
Also, the higher the Rarity of characters from the "Dragon Ball Seekers" Category, the higher the chance for you to get bonus rewards.
Goku (Youth) obtainable from this event belongs to the "Dragon Ball Seekers" Category!
Use "Dragon Ball Seeker" Category characters to increase your chance of getting bonus rewards!
* Raising characters' Rarity through Z-Awakening will not increase the chance of obtaining bonus rewards.

Other Rewards

One Dragon Stone will be rewarded for clearing each stage from Stage 1 to Stage 6 on NORMAL or Z-HARD.
(12 Dragon Stones are available in total.)
* Obtaining Dragon Stones as a clear reward can only be done once.


* Please go to the "Special Mission" page for more information about the rewards.
* Some Special Missions cannot be completed when challenging through the "Portal of Memories".
* Please note that the event content and dates are subject to change without prior warning.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!