Dokkan Festival is now on!

New SSR [Return of the Universe's Strongest] Metal Coora is here! Don't miss out on the new "Wicked Bloodline" Category!
Tue 04/02/2019 11:30 pm PDT
Metal Coora can greatly boost characters of the new "Wicked Bloodline" Category with his powerful Leader Skill!
After Dokkan Awakening, Metal Coora will transform into Metal Coora Core and greatly boost his own ATK when conditions are met in battles!
Fulfill the conditions during battles to witness Metal Coora's tremendous power acquired from transformation!

Dokkan Festival Featured Characters

* The 5 characters above are the Dokkan Festival featured characters available in this event.
Other Dokkan Festival featured characters are not available in this event.
Please go to "Character Summon Rates" to check the complete list of available characters.

Other Featured Characters

Dokkan Awakening

[Return of the Universe's Strongest] Metal Coora, [No-Holds-Barred Battle] Super Saiyan Vegeta and [Quick-Witted Strategy] Piccolo can be Dokkan Awakened with the Awakening Medals obtained from the Dokkan Event "Extreme Peril! Menace of Infinite Power"!

Event Period

4/2 (Tue) 22:30 ~ 4/18 (Thu) 21:59 PST
* Caution: Event Times in Dokkan Battle are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST) instead of Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
* Please tap the "Character Summon Rates" in the top-left corner of the Summon page to check the complete list of available characters.
* Please note that the event content and dates are subject to change without prior warning.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!