STA-Restoring Items Are Here!

The new item "Aged Meat" arrives! Consume Aged Meat to restore tons of STA!
Tue 03/17/2020 05:00 pm PDT
Items that allow you to restore STA are now available!
To celebrate the introduction of STA-Restoring Items, up to 3 "Aged Meat (M)" and 18 "Aged Meat (S)" can be obtained through the missions and login bonuses during the event period of the "Valiant Warrior Race! Saiyan Day Campaign"!
You can choose to restore your STA with Dragon Stones or items when you possess STA-Restoring Items! In addition, different STA-Restoring Items have different effects!
* Please navigate the following path for more information on STA-Restoring Items: "Menu" --> "Help" --> "How to Play" --> "Items".
* Please note that the settings of STA-Restoring Items are subject to change without prior warning.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!