About the Animation Brightness Setting

Wed 03/11/2020 05:00 pm PDT
Dear Players,
Thank you for your passionate support for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!
The Animation Brightness Setting has been added in Update 4.8.4.
You will be able to change the brightness setting of animations to reduce the strain on your eyes while playing at night or in a dark environment, or lessen discomfort due to any flashing or excessive brightness.
Please navigate the path "Menu -> Options -> Animation Brightness" and select "Dark" if you wish to enable this setting.


If you start to experience strain on your eyes or body, you should stop your play session, regardless of the brightness setting.
* This feature is scheduled to be upgraded so that it is possible to change the brightness setting of various animations. There will be another announcement regarding the upgrade once it is completed in the future.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!