Update 4.10.0 Is Coming Soon!

Sun 06/14/2020 11:30 pm PDT
Update 4.10.0 will be released soon!
Here is the first-hand information on the new features:
- Optimized the process of unlocking Hidden Potential routes. When unlocking a character's Hidden Potential on the "Hidden Potential" page, you will be able to reverse the character and unlock a route at the same time!
* The displayed character and "Incredible Hourglass" will be consumed after you tap the "Unlock" button.
* Please note it is possible that multiple "Incredible Hourglass" will be consumed when unlocking a Hidden Potential route. The incorrect in-game description shown in the above image will be fixed in Update 4.10.1.
- Optimized the process of setting Support Items. You will be able to remove equipped Support Items by tapping them on the "Select Support Items" page!
- Optimized the process of selecting Training Locations. The previously selected Training Location will be automatically selected for the next Training!
- Added "Skill Orb". New item "Skill Orb" will be added. Skill Orbs can be equipped to UR or higher characters. You can increase a character's Potential Skill level or stats by equipping a Skill Orb to the character.
- Added "Special Sticker". New item "Special Sticker" will be added. You can apply an exclusive visual effect to certain characters by using a Special Sticker. Please note the visual effect cannot be removed once it is applied.
Stay tuned for update 4.10.0!
* Please note that the update content and date of release are subject to change without prior warning.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!