5th Anniversary! "55" Special Summon!

Recruit 55 characters to your team in one go! Use the collected "'55' Special Summon Ticket" to perform summons!
Wed 08/12/2020 05:00 pm PDT
A special Summon Event held for celebrating the 5th anniversary is on!
In this Summon Event, you can recruit 55 characters to your team in one go!
In addition, the 55th character of a Multi-Summon is guaranteed to be an SSR character who can be Dokkan Awakened into an LR!
You can perform a Multi-Summon that grants you 55 characters by using Summon Tickets and Dragon Stones in this Summon!
= "55" Special Summon (Ticket) =
Collect 55 "'55' Special Summon Ticket" to perform a summon during the event period!
- How to Collect "55" Special Summon Tickets
* The event period of the above login bonus, missions and events, from which you can collect Summon Tickets, has already ended. (Updated on 8/10 PST)
* Please note you cannot perform a summon if you do not possess 55 "55" Special Summon Tickets.
= "55" Special Summon (Dragon Stone) =
You can also use 200 Dragon Stones to perform a once-only summon during the event period!
In addition, you can obtain 40 "Summon Coin" by performing a summon with Dragon Stones!
* The Coin(s) obtained will be sent to your Gift Box.
* For more information on Coins, please check the announcement "Information on the Treasure Item 'Coin'".
= Single-Summon (Ticket) =
From 8/12 (Wed) 16:00 ~ 8/17 (Mon) 15:59 PST, you can use 5 "55" Special Summon Tickets to recruit a character to your team in this Summon Event! (Updated on 8/12 PST)

Certain Featured Characters

= Characters Who Can Be Awakened Into LR=
[Day of Destiny] Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth) [Dark Desires Awoken] Majin Vegeta [A Destined Return] Broly [Dark Doctrines] Goku Black [Mysterious Youth] Trunks (Teen) [Covert Masked Fighter] Mighty Mask [Resurrection from the Seal] Boujack [Quiet Grit] Goku [Awakened God of Destruction] Beerus [Kakarot's Father] Bardock [Bloodcurdling Message] Cell (Perfect Form) [The Ultimate Final Combo] Goku & Frieza (Final Form) (Angel) [Deadly Return] Trunks (Teen) (Future) [Most Calamitous Revenge Ever] Baby Vegeta [A New Adventure Unfolds] Goku (GT) & Pan (GT) & Trunks (GT) [Female Saiyans of Universe 6] Caulifla & Kale [Long-Awaited 100%] Frieza (Full Power) [Awakened Demonic Warrior] Super Saiyan Broly [Bloodcurdling Activation] Androids #17 & #18 [Righteous-Hearted Saiyan] Goku
* The above characters are not featured characters.

Event Period

- "55" Special Summon (Dragon Stone) 7/6 (Mon) 16:00 ~ 8/10 (Mon) 15:59 PST
- "55" Special Summon (Ticket) 7/6 (Mon) 16:00 ~ 8/12 (Wed) 15:59 PST
- Single-Summon (Ticket) 8/12 (Wed) 16:00 ~ 8/17 (Mon) 15:59 PST (Updated on 8/12 PST)
* Caution: Event Times in Dokkan Battle are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST) instead of Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
* The Summon Tickets used in the "'55' Special Summon" and "5th Anniversary! Ticket Summon" are different. Only "'55' Special Summon Ticket" can be used in this Summon Event.
* You can use 55 "'55' Special Summon Ticket" and 200 Dragon Stones to perform a summon in this event. Both types of summons can only be performed once.
* This Summon will not be displayed on the "Summon" page if you do not have any "'55' Special Summon Ticket" or if you have already performed the summon.
* If the "'55' Special Summon Ticket" is not used during the event period, it will be rendered obsolete after the event ends.
* Please tap the "Character Summon Rates" in the top-left corner of the Summon page to check the complete list of available characters.
* If you cannot see information such as "Dokkan Awakening", "Category" or "Growth" in the game, try restarting the application or tap on the "Cache Clear" button on the Title Screen.
* Please note for skills that specify a character name, it is possible that future characters are also excluded from the list of applicable characters even if it is not specified in the skill description.
* Please note that the event content and dates are subject to change without prior warning.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!