Update 4.10.1 Released!

Sun 06/21/2020 11:00 pm PDT
Update 4.10.1 has been released!
The update details are as follows:
1. Optimized the process of unlocking Hidden Potential routes.
When unlocking a character's Hidden Potential on the "Hidden Potential" page, you can reverse the character and unlock a route at the same time.
* The displayed character and "Incredible Hourglass" will be consumed after you tap the "Unlock" button.
* Please note it is possible that multiple "Incredible Hourglass" will be consumed when unlocking a Hidden Potential route. The incorrect in-game description shown in the above image will be fixed in a future update.
2. Optimized the pages "Training" and "Awaken".
- The button of the "Growth" menu has been added to the pages "Training" and "Awaken", which are located at "Team Menu".
- When you have enough Awakening Medals to perform a "Z-Awakening", "Dokkan Awakening" or "Extreme Z-Awakening", the Awakening Medals will be automatically selected, and you can proceed by tapping the button located at the bottom-right corner.
3. Optimized the process of setting Support Items.
You can remove equipped Support Items by tapping them on the "Select Support Items" page.
4. Optimized the process of selecting Training Locations.
The previously selected Training Location will be automatically selected for the next Training.
5. Added the information button for announcements.
- A button for accessing the corresponding announcement has been added to the "Select Team" page, which is shown before you engage in an event.
6. Added "Skill Orb".
Added the new item "Skill Orb". Skill Orbs can be equipped to UR or higher characters. You can increase a character's Potential Skill level or stats by equipping a Skill Orb to the character.
7. Added "Special Sticker".
Added the new item "Special Sticker". You can apply an exclusive visual effect to certain characters by using a Special Sticker. Please note the visual effect cannot be removed once it is applied.
8. Fixed some bugs.
Please update the game through the App Store or Google Play.
* After the release of Update 4.10.1, you will not be able to log in to the game if it is not updated.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!