New Stage of Story Event!

This event will be temporarily unavailable starting from 1/28 (Thu) PST due to preparations for the new stage.
Wed 01/27/2021 10:30 pm PST
A stage that can only be attempted once per day will be added to the Story Event "Dragon Ball GT: 7 Shadow Dragons Saga"!
In the new stage, Skill Orbs that can be equipped to "Shadow Dragon Saga" Category characters can be obtained on the map or by defeating the bosses!
In addition, Skill Orbs exclusive to "Shadow Dragon Saga" Category allies can also be obtained by completing the new missions!
Stay tuned for the new stage!


The event "Dragon Ball GT: 7 Shadow Dragons Saga" will be temporarily unavailable during the following period due to preparations for the new stage.

Preparation Period

Starting from 1/28 (Thu) PST
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