Explosive Chain Battle [vs. Omega Shenron]

New Skill Orbs can be obtained from the "Secret Treasure Chest" starting from this Explosive Chain Battle! Reach new high scores to advance in the ranking!
Sun 02/21/2021 10:30 pm PST

Event Period

2/21 (Sun) 22:30 ~ 2/28 (Sun) 22:29 PST
* Caution: Event Times in Dokkan Battle are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST) instead of Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). A formidable foe has arrived!
Characters from the following three Categories have an advantage against the enemy Omega Shenron! - Shadow Dragon Saga - Giant Ape Power - Inhuman Deeds
In addition, the following characters can deal more damage to the enemy! Starting from this Explosive Chain Battle, new Skill Orbs (Gold Slot) that can level up multiple skills will show up in the "Secret Treasure Chest"!
Seek your friends' help to blow away the enemy and reach new high scores!
= What Is Explosive Chain Battle? =
This is a battle mode where you aim to reach new high scores by cooperating with characters borrowed from friends or guests to deal damage to the enemy!
Take down the formidable foe with the selected "Attacker"!
In Explosive Chain Battle, the Supporters borrowed from friends or guests and the 2 Connectors selected from your own characters are the keys to reaching high scores!
There is a ranking system in Explosive Chain Battle, and your rank will change based on the recorded scores!
After the event period ends, you will obtain awesome rewards depending on your final rank. Aim to advance in the ranking!
Please check this announcement or tap the "?" button located at the main page of Explosive Chain Battle for more information on the rules and other details.
* After the event period ends, the results will be processed by the system and the ranking rewards will then be distributed.

Advantageous Characters

In Explosive Chain Battle, building your team with advantageous characters and characters from the advantageous Categories allows you to deal more damage to the enemy, making it easier to reach higher scores!
* The icon of an advantageous character will glow.
* Please navigate to the "Battle Info" page for more details on the advantageous characters.
= Treasure Item "Emblem of Cooperation" =
In Explosive Chain Battle, you can obtain the Treasure Item "Emblem of Cooperation" after meeting certain conditions!
The collected "Emblem of Cooperation" can be used at Baba's Shop to open up Secret Treasure Chests that contain Skill Orbs!
Secret Treasure Chests mentioned above can also be opened outside of the event period of Explosive Chain Battle!
- How to Obtain "Emblem of Cooperation" - Engage in a Chain Battle. - Have your "Supporters for Lending" selected by another player. - Send a "NICE". - Receive a "NICE". - Complete missions. - Obtain it as a ranking reward.
* "NICE" can be sent to your friends after a battle ends.
* "NICE" cannot be sent to guests.


Daily Missions will reset daily during the event period! Engage in a Chain Battle before the event period ends!

Basic Rules

- Requirements for Participating To participate, you must possess the following characters: - 10 Z-Awakened Super Type characters - 10 Z-Awakened Extreme Type characters
Please note only Z-Awakened or Dokkan Awakened characters can engage in battles!
* Characters whose rarity is already UR or LR when you recruited them can also participate in this event.
- Battle Flow 1. Set the Supporters for Lending. Set the Supporters for Lending before you engage in battle!
The Supporters for Lending are important characters who will assist other players in battles!
* A character who is selected as a Supporter for Lending will be displayed as "In deck" and cannot perform Dokkan Awakening, Extreme Z-Awakening, Reverse, Reverse Dokkan Awakening, etc.
2. Select an Attacker. After setting the Supporters for Lending, the next step is to select an Attacker, the character who will directly confront the enemy!
3. Select the Supporters and the Connectors. Next, select Super Type and Extreme Type characters from friends or guests' Supporters for Lending!
For the selection of Connectors, 10 of your own characters who share high similarity with the chosen Supporters will be displayed. Select a Super Type Connector and an Extreme Type Connector from the displayed characters!
The "Chain Power" will increase if you select characters who share high similarity with the Supporters! You will enter the "Explosive Chain State" when the team's Chain Power exceeds a certain value!
The higher the Chain Power, the easier it is to reach a higher score, so aim to select Connectors who will allow you to enter the "Explosive Chain State"!
4. Engage in battle. After you have selected the characters, consume 1 Battle Energy to engage in battle!
The Battle Energy will restore by 1 every 3 hours. You can also restore Battle Energy with a Dragon Stone!
* You can restore 1 Battle Energy by consuming 1 Dragon Stone. Restoring Battle Energy with a Dragon Stone can be done 5 times per day.
5. Battle begins. Once the battle begins, the enemy will come at you without holding back!
You will have a chance of holding off the enemy by selecting 3 characters who are highly similar to each other from the randomly displayed 8 Supporters!
You can deal more damage to the enemy in battle if you successfully hold off the enemy! Blow away the formidable foe with the help from the Supporters!
In Explosive Chain Battle, you can get the upper hand in battles by keeping characters' compatibility and the similarities between characters in mind!
Engage in multiple battles to reach new high scores!
6. Send a "NICE". When the battle ends, you can send a "NICE" to friends whose Supporters you have borrowed!
After a "NICE" is sent, both the sender and the recipient can obtain the Treasure Item "Emblem of Cooperation", so send as many "NICE" as you can after the battle!
* Please note if you close and reopen the application in the middle of a battle, the suspended game will not be resumed and the Battle Energy will still be consumed. In this situation, the score might not be recorded depending on your progress.
* Please note that the event content and dates are subject to change without prior warning.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!