Update 4.14.3 Released!

Mon 03/08/2021 10:30 pm PST
Update 4.14.3 has been released!
The update details are as follows:
1. Regarding characters included on the Chain Battle Team. You can awaken, reverse and Reverse Dokkan Awaken characters included on the Chain Battle Team. You can also select characters included on the Chain Battle Team on pages such as the "Select Training Partners" page and the "Sell Characters" page.
Actions that can be performed: - Awaken characters. - Reverse characters. - Reverse Dokkan Awaken characters. - Select characters as Training Partners. - Exchange characters for Trade Points. - Use characters to unlock Hidden Potential routes. - Use characters to forget Hidden Potential Skills. - Sell characters.
2. Optimized the "Summon Results" page. The icon "DOKKAN FESTIVAL Featured" will be displayed on the "Summon Results" page.
3. Optimized the "Mission" pages. The completion progress of missions is displayed in the form of a fraction, making it easier to check your current progress.
4. Regarding characters who can perform Giant Form Transformation. You can check a character's stats after Giant Form Transformation (including Giant Ape, Rage, etc.) on the character details page.
* The Passive Skill descriptions of characters who can perform Giant Form Transformation have been adjusted along with the implementation of this feature. Please check the announcement "Regarding the Adjustments to Certain Passive Skill Descriptions" for more information.
5. Fixed some bugs.
Please update the game through the App Store or Google Play.
* Please note that any suspended game will be lost and cannot be resumed after updating to version 4.14.3.
* After the release of Update 4.14.3, you will not be able to log in to the game if it is not updated.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!