Sharing 350M Dragon Stones Among the World Campaign!

Let's share 350 million Dragon Stones among the world! Clear the specified event to get tons of Dragon Stones!
Wed 09/08/2021 11:00 pm PDT

Number of Dragon Stones Obtained

Over 200 million!
* The above number of Dragon Stones obtained was updated  at 18:30 PST on 9/27 (Mon) and it will continue to be updated in the coming days.
* The Dragon Stones obtained upon clearing the  specified event for the first time will not be counted. "Sharing 350M Dragon Stones Among the World Campaign" is on!
Grab the chance to obtain 10 Dragon Stones every day by clearing the specified event daily!
This campaign will be available until 350 million Dragon Stones have been obtained between the  International Version and the Japanese Version!
The number of Dragon Stones obtained will be updated in this announcement!
Let's share 350 million Dragon Stones among the world!

Event Details

During the event period, clear the event "Full of Crisis! Bulma on Duty", which can be attempted once per day, every day to get 10 Dragon Stones as mission rewards daily!
This campaign and the specified event will be available until 350 million Dragon Stones have  been obtained around the world! The specified event can be attempted every day until then!
- Specified Event
* The specified event and the mission will be updated daily at 16:00 PST. (*Updated)
* The end date of this campaign and the specified event will  be announced after 350 million Dragon Stones have been  obtained around the world.
* Please check the announcement of the specified event for more information on the event and the mission.
* Please note the specified event can only be attempted once per day. Failing to clear the stage or selecting "Abandon Quest" will also be counted as an attempt, and you won't be able to attempt the event again until the daily reset.
* Please note that the event content and dates are subject to change without prior warning.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!