LR Hercule Can Be Extreme Z-Awakened!

Mon 10/05/2020 08:00 am PDT
LR [Extraordinary Friendship] Hercule can be Extreme Z-Awakened!
Recruit [Earth's Savior] Hercule through various ways, such as from the Friend Summon, and Dokkan Awaken him into [Extraordinary Friendship] Hercule! [Extraordinary Friendship] Hercule can be Extreme Z-Awakened with the Awakening Medal "Hercule [Rainbow]", which can be obtained with Zeni at Baba's Shop!
You can exchange Zeni for the Awakening Medal 3 times per day!
Collect Awakening Medals and Extreme Z-Awaken [Extraordinary Friendship] Hercule!

Extreme Z-Awakening

[Extraordinary Friendship] Hercule can perform 3 steps of Extreme Z-Awakening with the Awakening Medal "Hercule [Rainbow]"!
After Extreme Z-Awakening, his Leader Skill, Passive Skill, Super Attack and Ultra Super Attack will also be strengthened!
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